New cheap NTK96650+AR0330 Car Camera arrived-G1WH

The car cameras based on NTK96650 chip and AR0330 sensor are very hot sale this year, the popular car camera is like G1W, LS300W, GT300W. Now we start to sell a new camera called G1WH which looks like LS300W.

g1wh car dvr_LRG

The difference between G1W and G1WH:

1. Looks different

2. G1WH view angle is 140 degree VS G1W 120 degree

3. G1WH video quality is a little better(personal opinion)

4. Mainboard is different, but is hard to tell which one is better.

Mainboard of G1WH:



Daytime Video:


More detail info about the G1WH Car Camera:



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1 comment for “New cheap NTK96650+AR0330 Car Camera arrived-G1WH

  1. peter
    January 28, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    My friend, I own a sj1000 action cam but I used it as a point and shoot camera.
    I don’t own a camera with ultra wide angle and the sj1000 served me well as one.
    The sj1000 takes very soft images at around 3 megapixel resolution eventhough claimed at 12mp. You can check out my still photos with sj1000 on Youtube with the following link
    What am I trying to say is any action cam or dash cam can take sharper pictures when used as p&s camera? Also please include downloadable still images into your ads for verifications.
    Many thanks and Happy New Year.

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