DVR5008W 5 inch HD Portable 2.4G 5.8G Wireless Mini FPV DVR View larger

DVR5008W 5 inch HD Portable 2.4G 5.8G Wireless Mini FPV DVR

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New product

DVR5008W is a new generation portable mini DVR developed by VIOFO LTD.It supports both wireless and wired cameras.

Not only this, it adds new function of photo, motion detect, loop recording, power saving (auto shutdown, auto off-screen), etc. 

This DVR is the ideal choice for security & protection, evidence & investigation, like police, household, sports, automotive industry, shops, etc.. 

At the same time, with its stylish and high-end appearance,  it also becomes the fashion choice of leisure goods.

  • Mini size and portable recorder with fashionable & new design; 
  • 5-inch super large HD screen (800X480pix), which provides clear and smooth image; 
  • Built-in 3200mAh high capacity Li-battery provides super long recording time up to 9.5 hours; 
  • Supports storage up to 32G TF card, which records up to 32 hours; (optional, not included)
  • Supports  2.4GHz & 5.8GHz  wireless frequency; 
  • 8 channels auto/manual switch;
  • Folding hidden external antenna assures excellent wireless receiving; 
  • Supports AV IN function: receiving signal from wired cameras; 
  • Photo function: it can take, review & store pictures; 
  • Supports intelligent motion detect video recording; 
  • Overwrite: It supports loop recording, which can automatically overwrite   when storage is full;  
  • Seamless continuous record:No intermittent recording, it will not miss any  detail and wonderfulness;  
  • Support power-saving mode: automatic shutdown, automatic off-screen;  
  • Equipped with full set of mounting brackets, it can be hand-held, stand desktop, hanging on the wall, placed inside the car, different occasions;
  • It’s of high compatibility, which supports almost all computer operating system, including MAC;
  • Supports multi-language.
This DVR can work with color camera, also support recording video from Black and White security type camera.
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Please choose the right  type for you, this wireless DVR have 6 types of wireless modules.
If no order note,default send out 5.8G-B with 8 channels version.
2.4G with 8 channels CH1: 2414MHz; CH2: 2432MHz;  CH3: 2450MHz; CH4: 2468MHz.
CH5: 2490MHz; CH6: 2510MHz;  CH7: 2390MHz; CH8: 2370MHz
5.8G-A with 8 channels CH1: 5865MHz; CH2: 5845MHz;  CH3: 5825MHz; CH4: 5805MHz.
CH5: 5785MHz; CH6: 5765MHz;  CH7: 5745MHz; CH8: 5725MHz
5.8G-B with 8 channels CH1: 5705MHz; CH2: 5685MHz;  CH3: 5665MHz; CH4: 5645MHz.
CH5: 5885MHz; CH6: 5905MHz;  CH7: 5925MHz; CH8: 5945MHz
5.8G-C  band with 8 channels CH1: 5733MHz; CH2: 5752MHz;  CH3: 5771MHz; CH4: 5790MHz.
CH5: 5809MHz; CH6: 5828MHz;  CH7: 5847MHz; CH8: 5866MHz
5.8G-D 7 channels  CH1: 5740MHz; CH2: 5760MHz;  CH3: 5780MHz; CH4: 5800MHz.
CH5: 5820MHz; CH6: 5840MHz;  CH7: 5860MHz; CH8: SPI
5.8G-E 7 channels  CH1: 5705MHz; CH2: 5685MHz;  CH3: 5665MHz; CH4: 5645MHz.
CH5: 5885MHz; CH6: 5905MHz;  CH7: 5925MHz; CH8: SPI
If you need a SMB-SMA extend cable, which to connect your own SMA antenna, please choose the right model before you add to cart.
Product Specification

Wireless Receiving

( Choose 1 group of frequency from 2.4G/within 5.8G/beyond 5.8G)

2.4GHz –8 channels

CH1: 2414MHz; CH2: 2432MHz; CH3: 2450MHz; CH4: 2468MHz.

CH5: 2490MHz; CH6: 2510MHz; CH7: 2390MHz; CH8: 2370MHz

Within 5.8G—8 channels

CH1: 5865MHz; CH2: 5845MHz; CH3: 5825MHz; CH4: 5805MHz.

CH5: 5785MHz; CH6: 5765MHz; CH7: 5745MHz; CH8: 5725MHz

Beyond 5.8G—8 channels

CH1: 5705MHz; CH2: 5685MHz; CH3: 5665MHz; CH4: 5645MHz.

CH5: 5885MHz; CH6: 5905MHz; CH7: 5925MHz; CH8: 5945MHz



Receiving distance

100 meters


TV system


Output voltage

3.6-4.2 V

HD 5-inch LCD screen

Active area

108mm(W) X 64.8mm(H)


800 X 480 Pixel

Luminance for LCM

200 cd/Square meter

Cape clear 5-inch LCD screen

Active area

118mm(W) X 62.8mm(H)


480 X 272 Pixel

Luminance for LCM

300cd/Square meter



720*576 / 640*480

Video compress

MPEG-AVI 30fps

Play format




20HZ-20KHz stereo

Earphone Output

Left: 20MW+ right 20mW [16O](suit to largest volume)







External SD card

TF card 1GB-32GB (optional)

32GB recording time

10-32 hours

1GB photos


Operating system


Windows & Mac OS


USB 2.0






Current (receiving mode)


Current (recording mode)


Current(recording with off-screen mode)


AC adapter

DC 5V 2A

Built-in battery

Li-battery 3200mAh

Standby time

Wireless record

> 9.5 hours(off-screen); > 5hours (on-screen)

Wired record

> 12 hous(off-screen); > 6hours(on-screen) *LED camera not included.

Size (L x W x H)

131mm x 86mm x 18mm




Download 5.8G Wireless Mini FPV  DVR english manual from below link:



Does this monitor display a blue screen if the signal is lost or suffers interference?

FoxOffer:  No, we tested it and ensure it will not have blue screen or frozen.

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